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“I Find Very Few People Scary Once They Have Been Poked in the Eye.”

I love the show Bones.  I know everyone says that they love Bones, but I really love Bones.  I watch Bones while I’m doing Very Important Things, like eating and doing the treadmill.

And, on November 3, which is kind of soon, Bones is coming back on!  For a new season!  And Brennan is pregnant!  With Booth’s baby!  I’m so excited!

Brennan is actually kind of a role model for me.  Here’s why:

1.  She looks at everything objectively.

2. She says it like it is.

3.  She knows so many random facts!  I want to know cool facts.  What a great way to insert yourself in your conversation.  When someone’s like, “my head hurts,” you can be like, “did you know the average head weighs eight pounds?”  They’ll be so amazed at your knowledge!

4.  She has a superhawt partner named Booth.  If I had a superhawt partner named Booth, I’d be like, “marry me right now.”  But she has waited and waited and waited until she felt that she was ready.  And look how that turned out!  From the promo I saw on facebook, it looks like things are going pretty well for the two of them.

5.  She totally knows nothing about pop culture.  I think that’s hilarious.  Maybe I should become like that.  People might think I’m funny then.  For example:

Sheriff: Is she serious?

Brennan: As serious as a gas attack.

Booth: Heart attack, Bones. As serious as a heart attack.

Hahaha.  Think how much people would love you if you got well known sayings wrong all of the time!  Plus, I mean, look at the title of this blog.  Bones said that!  Hahaha.  I’m sure she also listens to really obscure music.

6.  You can be yourself (weird but also endearing and cute) and superhawt guys will eventually fall in love with you.  Yes!  So, someday Chad Michael Murray will LOVE me because I’m myself.  Which might be a little geeky because, you know, Brennan is my role model.

7.  You can be smart and clinical, but also have fun.  Sometimes Brennan does things that are so unlike her.  Like when she and Booth sing together and SHE PLAYS THE ELECTRIC GUITAR.  So not Brennan, right?  But very spontaneous and awesome (I’ve used the word awesome wayyy too much during this).

8.  Lastly, she has an awesome nickname.  I don’t have an awesome nickname.  Bones is pretty much the coolest name you could get.

Hopefully, by reading this, your life has been changed for the better.  Basically, you should watch Bones.

Here’s the link for that video of Booth and Bones singing together:

And here’s the link (because I have no idea what embedding means or how you use it) for the promo: