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Procrastinating is a Good Thing.

People are always talking to me about how much they procrastinate and how terrible it is.  “I just do it all of the time!  It’s taking over my life!  I can’t do anything!”

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.  I think procrastinating is actually quite productive.  Let me explain:

I have a paper due Thursday that I really don’t want to write.  So instead I:

1. write another paper that isn’t due until next week– yay for not having to do that later!

2. clean the house.

3.  make much needed phone calls.

4.  talk about my problems, which I actually hate doing.

5.  update this blog.

6.  take my dogs for a walk.

7.  watch Dr. Phil.

8.  pet my cat.

See, in the time I didn’t spend working on that paper, I actually got a lot done.  In fact, I was quite efficient.  Normally, I’d procrastinate cleaning the house or taking my dogs for a walk, but because I was putting off something else, I got it all done!

I don’t know if I’d even call not doing my paper procrastinating because I got SO much done.  It’s wonderful, really!  Procrastinating is so good.  It helps you get everything done that you possibly need to.

Except that paper.

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I like lists, cheesy movies, and over thinking things.

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