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If You Feel Bad About Your Family…

There’s this website, that features the best worst photos of all time.  Like, photos that make me feel better about the craziness of my family.  And that’s hard to do.  So, if you have a crazy family, what better way to feel better about it than look at some photos of other crazy families?

Here are my 10 favorites (of the ones I’ve seen so far):

I really like this one because I see it happening to my grandparents.  “Let’s take a group photo right by this classy looking motorcycle gang.”

I’m not sure what’s creepier- the man actually hold the baby or the fact that the baby’s parents allowed this guy to do so.

Poor lady.  Look at the kid with the baseball bat in the background

“Grandma, we know Tim had a sort of shaggy haircut, but he died years ago.”

Everybody loves birthdays.

How is that child not running away screaming?

Where do I even start with this?  The sleigh?  The birds?  Santa Claus?  That beard?

Notice the gloved hand.  Um….

I bet those cats actually wanted baths after that photo shoot.

There is so much wrong with this picture.

See, there is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Your family could act like these guys.

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