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How Movies Make Life Make Sense.

I watched, like, five minutes of He’s Just Not That Into You the other day ‘cuz it was on TV. And the first thing the main girl says, you know the part about how we all lie to each other about men and blah-blah-blah, is SO TRUE.

Let me explain. So, you and your boyfriend break-up. Actually, he doesn’t even have to be you boyfriend. The guy who could possibly be your boyfriend. Whatever. But something bad happens and all of a sudden you no longer have a boyfriend/almost boyfriend/imaginary boyfriend. It’s over and you go and you listen to Taylor Swift and alsomaybe some Justin Timberlake and it’s really not very healthy probably. Then, when you’ve eaten all of the ice cream in your house, you call your friends and you’re like, “waaaaah, we broke up/he has a girlfriend/I just realized that he isn’t real. Waaaaah.” AND HERE IS THE BIG LIE. Your friend responds with, “babe, you’re way too good for him/like, oh my gosh, you’re way prettier than her/I always thought maybe you were crazy.” And you’re like, “waaaaaah, I’ll never love anyone like I loved him/thought I liked him/imagined I loved them.”

There are multiple problems with the “babe, you’re way too good for him/like, oh my gosh, you’re way prettier than her” friend response:

  1. I really liked him. I didn’t think I was too good for him. Why didn’t you tell me he wasn’t good enough for me? Nobody else thought I was too good for him. What if he’s too good for me?

  2. It doesn’t matter that I’m, apparently, way prettier than her. He’s dating her and not me. That is the problem.

  3. I really want my friends to be like, “girl, that sucks. You must be sad. Let’s watch a sad romance where everyone dies at the end” (I suggest “The Way Things Were.” Except no one dies in that one. It’s just sad).

That, my friend would be a much better response. Because, according to Ginnifer Goodwin, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Or me. See, it’s great because it goes both ways! It’s actually kind of a comforting mantra. You see that your ex has a new girlfriend? He’s just not that into me. You see that your kind of boyfriend is actually dating another girl? He’s just not that into me. When you realize the guy you’ve been crushing on is only in your dreams? You might be crazy and maybe need psychiatric help. Or you’ve watched too many cheesy romances (it happens to all of us). He’s just not that into me. It’s kind of freeing, when you think about it. Now you can move on to awesome new guys who will be into you.

So next time, if my friends are reading this, please just tell me like it is because he’s obviously just not that into me.


By the way, I totally love this movie and have seen it wayyy too many times.  You should watch it.  Picture via

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